The Coast Road Records Story


Coast Road Records was established in 2004. Current artists include: The Nob Hill Mariners, Park and Preach, Patches, Preacher Boy, The Westside Sheiks, The Useless Bastards, and more.


Coast Road Records


Coast Road Records was established in 2004 by Christopher “Preacher Boy” Watkins. In 2004, iTunes was a year old. MySpace was younger than that. Spotify was two years in the future. The music landscape was changing, but it was early days. Still, after a decade in the music business, three different independent record deals behind him, and a lot of hard-earned experience under his belt, Watkins knew that for his next release, he wanted something different—control.


Digital represented a fraction of market share in 2004. Full-length CDs accounted for 90% of music sales. So Watkins inked a distribution deal with RedEye for his fledgling label, putting Coast Road Records in the company of independent luminaries like YepRoc, Kill Rock Stars, Drag City, and more.


“Demanding to be Next”—the debut release on Coast Road Records—would prove to be Preacher Boy’s most uniformly praised release to date, securing accolades from Amplifier, The Stranger, Blues Access, Sing Out, and more:


“Accompanied solely by his keening, propulsive National and Martin guitar playing, Preacher Boy compulsively unwinds a series of often startling, narcotic tales, that prove image-rich and packed with an aura of sweeping drama - made even more pungent by his gruff, whiskey-soaked vocals.” —Sing Out


Six more Preacher Boy albums have since been released on Coast Road Records, with the latest being 2018’s “The Rumble Strip.” 


Coast Road Records is, today, 100% independent.


In addition to work under the Preacher Boy name, Coast Road Records has released titles from several of Watkins’ other projects, including:

  • Park & Preach: A collaboration with award-winning songwriter Bryan Miller.
  • Patches: A guitar-heavy trip-hop collaboration with an Italian former-footballer turned DJ.
  • The Useless Bastards: Seminal Brooklyn Americana.


On July 4, 2019, Coast Road Records released “Black Rain,” the debut from San Francisco-based garage rockers The Nob Hill Mariners. Upcoming releases include a new Preacher Boy album (number 12!), the debut from piano-driven, early blues eclecticists The Westside Sheiks, and a follow-up to the Patches debut.




Coast Road Records

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