Acoustic Blues Summit represents the coming together of three musical artists who are each in their own unique ways committed to both preserving and advancing the acoustic blues tradition. Little Jonny Lawton, Pete Madsen, and Preacher Boy bring decades of experience to the musical table, with dozens of albums released, and thousands of tour miles behind them. The songs included on this new release stand as a testament to the ongoing power and vibrancy of the acoustic blues. Across 12 tracks, the sounds are both familiar and eclectic; intimate and idiosyncratic; raw and revealing; proving all over again that the singular experience of one voice, one instrument, and one song, can move a listener like nothing else on earth. Whether conjuring the ghosts of Tommy Johnson and Blind Blake, or delivering future-facing original compositions that speak to the present from the past, Little Jonny Lawton, Pete Madsen, and Preacher Boy have delivered something very special with this album—incontrovertible proof that the acoustic blues are alive and well.