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(p) 2022 Preach Songs Music/Kobalt Music/BMI

written by:
Robert Lavett Smith
Clara Bay Marinelli Watkins
Christopher "Preacher Boy" Watkins

performed by:
Clara Bay Marinelli Watkins - drums
Preacher Boy - Guitar, Bass, Organ, Vocals

Produced by: Preacher Boy


In dreams, I move, as never when awake
Skies like melting ice about to break
No wheelchair, no wound beneath my spur
Exploring empty streets that never were

By morning light, it’s tempting to mistake
The sun for a stage light, posed and fake
My waking life for a nightmare I can prove
My room for a chance to move

All these eyeless cities where I roam
Searching for someplace to feel like home
Alone at dusk, the dismal avenues
That the gaunt streetlights abuse

Star-glutted windows that refuse to meet
My unwelcome face in the pallor of the street
Bent as I may be, I refuse to break
In dreams I move as never when awake